The Seasonality of Michigan

Fluctuating temperatures are a cornerstone of Michigan weather, no matter the season. October has been yet another example of this inconsistent nature — with a few days reaching the mid-80s and others below 40. It’s

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Keeping your Michigan yard private in all seasons

Homeowners often utilize trees in their front and back yards for shade, aesthetic pleasure as well as for a privacy barrier to neighboring homes. Not only do trees provide a great property line, their leaves

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Year-round fun with a new patio and fireplace

Expanding your living space doesn’t have to be about indoor square footage. Have you ever thought about how you could add some fun to your yard with a new patio or outdoor fireplace? It’s not

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Don’t put a Band-aid over landscape problems

Your landscape and yard deserve your full attention now that the best season to enjoy it is here. If you notice wet areas of your yard, now is the time to address them. Shifts and

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How a contractor installs a retaining wall

Many homeowners understand the importance of having a proper retaining wall done right. And for some, it could be a manageable DIY home project. But there are many reasons behind why homeowners hire an experience

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First look at the spring yard: can your tax refund fix it?

Once the snow has melted, the first look at a spring yard can be depressing. The yard looks trampled. Debris, dirt and rock are piled up and blown around where they shouldn’t be. There are

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