While spring always brings great promise of new life, it can seem rather overwhelming once the snow melts and all of the looming yard tasks come to light.

When it comes to keeping your outdoor landscaping looking its best, you might consider hiring an experienced contractor to handle everything. From pruning and planting to seeding and beyond, there’s a specific method and timing to every task. We’ve put together a list of our tips to help you in your search for the best landscape contractor.

Price is important—but it isn’t everything

We all know someone who has a story of how a low price isn’t always the best choice. Always be sure to consider the quality and workmanship of a contractor before jumping into a project.

Beware of a lowball quote—it could be the sign of someone desperate for work, and willing to exaggerate previous experience in order to land a job. Do you want someone who is practicing on your landscape?

How to evaluate a landscape contractor

Take a look online to find out more about the contractors you are considering. If you can’t find an answer to something, be sure to ask in person or over the phone.

  • Does the company have an updated website?
  • Ask if the company is part of the Better Business Bureau.
  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Are the company vehicles updated with logos?
  • Is the contractor insured or does s/he hold any formal accreditations?
  • Do they own or rent their equipment?
  • Do you write checks to a business name or individual?

Red flags to avoid in a signing a contract

Always, always ask for references. If you can’t speak with someone who previously worked with a landscape contractor and has positive praise, that might be a sign that something went wrong. Or, the company might be running a scam or creating a shell company without any experience at all.

  • You should ask specific questions about the project or method and expect sensible answers.
  • Don’t pay for a project in full before it begins. Many contractors will work with a down payment to start the project, possibly at 50% of the total quote.

Make sure you get a quality project

The trust factor with contractor work is that you see examples of quality completed projects, and you expect the same. If, however, your contractor just used photos found online or of projects s/he did not actually complete, you will find out rather quickly that the work doesn’t match the experience.

When you search online, does your contractor have a web presence? What about completed photos on social media, or feedback or reviews from customers? If your contractor is reputable and has been in business long enough, his/her company should have a track record of successful projects online.

If you have a spring project that you’ve been planning, contact Greenbud Landscaping today for a free consultation and quote. We would love to help you create a beautiful and functional environment to live and play in.