Sometimes, a little inspiration from other homeowners in your area might be just what you need to finalize your dream landscaping for your yard.

But instead of creeping into your neighbor’s yard during construction, just check out our short list below. We’ve pulled together the latest trends to give you a glimpse into what you could see in your own backyard!

Still trending hot: fire features

There are so many ways you can integrate this trend into your outdoor living space. Whether you go for a tall wall with a fireplace, or a newly laid patio with a fire pit, the cozy feels from a fire feature are still reigning supreme in landscape design.

Low-maintenance living extends outside 

Garden Design magazine has already shared their list of trends for 2019, and tops for their list is an outdoor space that doesn’t require a lot of work.

  • They suggest using perennial plants native to the area that will come back year after year.
  • Another idea is to remove trees or shrubs that don’t offer much in the way of ecological benefits to your space. Think: a tree that sheds its leaves into your water feature, or groundcover that continually creeps onto your sidewalk path.
  • One other helpful tip for landscape design is to choose quality hardscape materials that won’t break or crack easily and need to be replaced quickly.

Transform your backyard into a staycation destination

What do you enjoy doing to relax on vacation? Many homeowners are asking that question, and then answering it by integrating those features into a backyard oasis.

  • Maybe you like taking naps. A secluded hammock spot might call your name.
  • Enjoy good food and good conversation? An outdoor kitchen or grill area might be just the ticket.
  • Bringing indoor activities outside might be up your alley: an outdoor sound system or TV for the big games could hit the spot.
  • Good lighting and a calming water feature might be just right for reading a book or relaxing and watching nature.
  • A quiet space for meditation or yoga could help with mindfulness and decompression after a day at work.

Double duty for the garden

HGTV offers an inspirational photo gallery of trends in backyard design. One other hot tip from their designers is to blend the garden with both edible herbs and plants and ornamentals.

Consumers are becoming more conscious of where food comes from and want to be more in control of the supply. Offering options for planters, hanging or wall gardens or fruits and veggies in parts of the yard gives great variety and scent to the space.

Kicking up the curb appeal 

One other trend we’ve been reading about is paying close attention to the home entrance. Right now the housing market is best for sellers, which means if you’re considering selling soon, you’ll want to focus on good curb appeal for potential buyers.

  • Scented plants offer a great experience for the senses.
  • Lighted pathways are welcoming for all parts of the day.
  • Consider plants that complement your front door color.

For those who like to plan ahead

Sometimes the winter months are a good time to sit and reflect on what outdoor activities you’d like to do once all the snow is gone and your outdoor space is ready to be enjoyed again. Are you excited to host friends or family? Any birthday parties in your future? What about finding a cozy spot to relax and read a good book? There’s no such thing as planning too far ahead.

See something here you like? Then contact Greenbud Landscaping today to get a free estimate, including how we can integrate some of the new hot trends into your yard in 2019.