Homeowners often utilize trees in their front and back yards for shade, aesthetic pleasure as well as for a privacy barrier to neighboring homes.

Not only do trees provide a great property line, their leaves offer a sense of a private oasis to anyone who spends time in your green space.

But, trees in Michigan lose their leaves around Halloween and they don’t come back until April.

The struggle for privacy starts to get real.

Proper yard privacy

For a fascinating experiment, really watch how your yard changes with the seasons.

September in Michigan is such a tricky month, as it can still hold on to the summer heat, but may rapidly change into fall. It’s interesting to watch nature transition. Look for all of the squirrels starting to harvest acorns for the winter months — small patches of branches and leaves will end up on your grass as the critters strip them down.

As we head into the fall months, leaves start to drop from the trees, leaving your yard looking spartan and bare. It’s a definite sign to many that the season is ready to switch over and evolve into fall. While the last remaining days of summer weather may be leaving you desperate to squeeze in what time is left for shorts and swimsuits, it should also be a reminder to check out what your yard is doing in this new season.

If you depend on your yard’s trees to give you a private outdoor space, you might need to rethink your landscape strategy.

Landscape your yard for all four seasons

One of the challenges for landscape companies in Michigan is to include plants and scrubs that create yard privacy year-round. November to April without leaves on the trees is a six-month stretch that can be difficult to navigate!

The good news is that there are still a variety of plants and trees available to mix into your landscaping. For example, the Red Twig Dogwood still offers color when there are no leaves.

Not only can you change the color of your landscaping for year-round enjoyment, if you vary the size of your plants, and space them skillfully, you can still plan for privacy in your yard. Speak with an expert landscape company to help you set up the perfect plan for your yard size. Your grade, space, existing trees and property line will all be factors in deciding what is best for you.

For more professional advice about your current yard, contact Greenbud Landscaping today to get a free estimate and discuss what changes could impact the privacy in your outdoor space.