How end-of-season cleanup helps you in the long run

November is such a tricky month in the Great Lakes State. Make sure all of the winter gear is out and ready to go — but be aware that we might have a warm front come through with that coveted sunshine for a few days. Maybe it’ll be just enough

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First look at the spring yard: can your tax refund fix it?

Once the snow has melted, the first look at a spring yard can be depressing. The yard looks trampled. Debris, dirt and rock are piled up and blown around where they shouldn’t be. There are no green plants. Not much color from any bark. But what kind of potential do

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Searching for a new snow removal contractor?

West Michigan’s largest snowfall so far in 2017 has come and already melted away. How did your current snow removal contractor do for you? Did the snowplow come by in a timely manner? Was the billing service an easy process? If you have been less-than-thrilled with your current snow removal

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The top 10 things you can do to keep your yard looking its best

For some homeowners, taking care of the lawn might be a low-priority task. Sure, you know you should mow the grass once a week on the low end, but all the little extra jobs around the yard add up to a decent amount of time. So those undesirable tasks might

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