November is such a tricky month in the Great Lakes State. Make sure all of the winter gear is out and ready to go — but be aware that we might have a warm front come through with that coveted sunshine for a few days. Maybe it’ll be just enough time to motivate your household to put up that outdoor seasonal decor!

What attention have you given to your yard this month? Do you know just what it needs before the snow blankets it for the long winter season?

Seasonal services to help with fall cleanup

Changing seasons affects your yard as much as it does your home’s interior. There are quite a few cleanup activities that will help set your yard up for success once the spring arrives.

Greenbud Landscaping can take a professional approach to cleaning up your landscape beds and yard. Other services we can take care of for you include:

  • Leaf removal: You don’t want fallen leaves to sit on your yard over the winter. Not only is it a mess to clean up in the spring, but you risk the possibility of damage to your grass, or even snow mold as winter ebbs.
  • Last lawn mow: For that last cut of the season, we will mow your grass a little shorter than normal as long grass is a favorite of snow mold.
  • Clear dead plants: Mulching leaves and clearing dead plant matter in the fall eliminates an additional breeding ground for fungus.
  • Pull weeds: A few strong weeds might be left over from the summer. We’ll remove those as well as any yard debris.
  • Trim back bushes: After the large growth period in the summer, bushes need to be trimmed properly to help facilitate proper future growth.
  • Apply treatments: Depending on the type of grass seed your lawn has, one last fertilizer treatment or fungicide might be necessary.
  • Turn over flower beds: A little extra mulch love and care for flower beds in the fall sets the stage for easy planting come spring.

Checking the yard off the to-do list

The calendar and the to-do list in November and December are extremely busy. Between holiday commitments, travel, school and sports activities, and all the time that goes into gift purchasing and wrapping, sometimes yard work falls to the bottom of the priority list.

It might be worth it for your peace of mind to hire a professional for your fall landscaping services. Not only will it be done in a timely manner, you’ll be able to relax knowing it was done well in preparation for the spring.

Unsure of what your yard needs now? Then contact Greenbud Landscaping today to get a free estimate for your seasonal work.