Now that your family has thoroughly enjoyed the yard for the summer, you have a chance to get a head start on a fall landscape project. It’s a great time of year, since the ground is easy to work with and the temperatures are still ideal. Many landscape companies will still be working until the ground freezes.

Most usually think of spring or summer for landscaping projects, but you might have a better chance of securing your contractor if you start one now. If you noticed any yard problems that popped up last spring, you should also consider fixing it in the fall.

A major yard culprit: water

Did you have any water problems last spring? Between melting snow and spring rainstorms, there’s a lot of water looking for a place to go. Wet basements (and even black mold) are all too common for many homes.

Drainage solution ideas

Are you crossing your fingers every time it rains, waiting to see if you’ll have to dry out parts of your basement? There are a few ways that you can help your lawn absorb more water and keep it out of your home

1. Proper grading

Many homeowners would probably be dismayed to learn that no basement is completely sealed from water leaking in. But if the ground around the basement has been properly graded (or leveled away from the foundation) then the soil will stay dry and not leak into the basement.

It’s expensive to fix a basement foundation. But, with the right grading fixes, diverting water away from your basement will solve the problem. Your ground around the poured walls should slope down six inches for the first ten feet away from the home. If after walking around your home, you find that’s not the case, hiring a contractor to help correct the problems can save you from major headaches in the future.

2. Planting trees and deep-rooted plants

Trees, deep-rooted plants, and even certain grass seeds absorb differing amounts of water. If you’re looking for ways to reduce water in your yard, new turf or plants might be just the solution to drink up some extra H2O. If you’re already redoing your landscaping around the home, it’s an ideal time to fix any drainage issues you’re having — so you don’t have to tear up your yard later.

3. Fixing drainage around the home

Gutters and drain pipes are also an important system to correct. If you’ve ever watched the amount of water come out of your drain pipe in a storm, you’ll understand that you want that system aiming the right way. If not properly laid out to drain away from the home, gutters may be doing more damage than good.

4. Building a raingarden

Living in the Great Lakes region means we are connected to 20% of the world’s fresh surface water. One way to help maintain the beauty of our freshwater is by creating a raingarden. Raingardens take rain and stormwater that would normally flow into drains and sewers and help it absorb into the soil.


As a homeowner, it’s never a good feeling to come down the stairs and squish your feet into wet carpet. Contact Greenbud Landscaping today to help fix your lawn this fall before the spring rains bring all the issues.