West Michigan’s largest snowfall so far in 2017 has come and already melted away. How did your current snow removal contractor do for you? Did the snowplow come by in a timely manner? Was the billing service an easy process?

If you have been less-than-thrilled with your current snow removal company, it might be time to search for a new one. You might be using a commercial service that doesn’t make you feel like a priority. Maybe it’s time to change that.

Pros of using a family-owned small business for your snow removal service

  1. You matter to us.

    At a smaller company, you feel way more important. You’re not just a number on a list — you’re getting excellent service from a local business that cares about quality because of the pride of company ownership. Supporting a local small business means that you are helping someone who lives right within your community and considers your business a privilege.

  2. Billing is flexible.

    At Greenbud Landscaping, we are willing to work with your billing terms. If you buy for the season, you receive a buying discount. We offer a 10% discount when your contract is paid up front, and a 5% discount if paid one month later.

  3. Save when you bundle services.

    Hiring a commercial and residential mowing and plowing service all at once will save you time and money in the long run. What is your time worth? It’s much more convenient to have one outdoor contractor to take care of you year-round, rather than hiring services every spring and winter. Using the same contractor will ensure he/she knows more about your yard and driveway layout from being at your home in the opposite season.

  4. Take the stress away by planning ahead.

    As we go through the holiday season, there are plenty of items on the to-do list. Forget about the headache of searching for a mowing service in the early spring and book with Greenbud today. We’ll be ready to go when the weather changes, and you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to think about changing providers when the weather turns. Greenbud also has the ability to help with hardscape and landscaping projects.

Just remember, you deserve to use a snow removal service that respects your time and business and treats you accordingly. If you’re not happy with your current service, you do have the option to switch. Don’t tie yourself to a mediocre provider for the entire rest of the snowy season — check your contract and search out your options.