Hiring a contractor to come to your home and take care of your landscaping is a lesson in asking the right questions. After noticing the little details like the level of investment in a company name, logo and materials, as well as previous project experience, you’ll get a picture of what company will best fit your needs.

Remember: Price isn’t everything

Of course you don’t want to overpay for a landscaping service that doesn’t live up to its contract. But it’s also important that you don’t go with the cheapest option. Get 3-5 quotes for the service or project you need, and take the time to talk with each owner.

Extremely low quote prices could mean that the team is simply looking for projects they can do quickly and get paid right away. It might also be a red flag as to the quality of the work. Consider all of these factors before handing over a down payment or percentage of the invoice.

Professionals give you quality

A quality landscaping company also offers quality workers. Just like you don’t want a rookie performing your surgery, you don’t want an untrained worker putting in a retaining wall. You want the company that make this job their career.

Being able to discuss what plants would work well in your space as well as what materials would be best for your patio doesn’t come from a DIYer with a homemade YouTube video. The real-life experience and knowledge of the right company will show through in referrals and in conversation.

You’ll know if a company is doing this job as a side gig or if they are truly taking the time to perfect their craftsmanship and work with clients for the long-term. An established contractor will care about you because his/her work is his reputation. It’s important to be dependable and trustworthy because these qualities equal good referrals and repeat business.

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