Your landscape and yard deserve your full attention now that the best season to enjoy it is here.

If you notice wet areas of your yard, now is the time to address them. Shifts and sunken spots in your retaining wall won’t “fix themselves.” Proper grading and leveling ground away from your home is not only visually pleasing, it really will save you time and hassle in the long run.

It’s fairly common for homebuilders to tackle excavating and landscaping projects in order to save money or time. However, they aren’t typically well-trained in these specific areas, so it’s usually a quick job to make the exterior look good for sales. Only once buyers have lived in the home for a while will they usually notice small (or larger) issues start to pop up. The same thing may happen when buying and moving into an older home.

Common fixes: short-term gains for a long-term loss

Covering up a problem doesn’t make it go away. You have to get down to the root (pun intended) of the problem in order to properly address it.

Throwing down wood chips and planting annual flowers doesn’t fix a problem area. It only masks it.

Ornamental grasses that are overlapping and growing into other plants. Groundcover that needs to be contained. Lawn areas that won’t drain properly.

Or bigger problems like ground that slopes toward your home — don’t leave these to continue to fester.

Put in the work. Don’t take the lazy approach to get it done fast. Or talk to a professional to help you figure out what’s wrong and how you can fix it. Is your yard composed of clay? Maybe you need a better sand base and topsoil added to fix drainage issues. What about that tree that doesn’t seem to be thriving? Maybe you’ve overloaded its base and need to open up the root system and let it breathe.

Recognize the problem and do the job right

You might have good insight into what the problems in your yard are, but you might not know the causes. Bringing in a professional might be your best next step.

Based on your landscape or hardscape issues, you might want a quick fix based on time or an emergency. If you’re having a party soon or even water leaking into your basement, it might be imperative to get your problem fixed quickly. Contact Greenbud Landscaping today to get a free estimate and see how soon we can get you onto the schedule.

If we decide you can hold off and do it in the fall, we’ll make plans for the project and include you during the process. Do things the right way, even if it is the harder way.