Many homeowners understand the importance of having a proper retaining wall done right.

And for some, it could be a manageable DIY home project.

But there are many reasons behind why homeowners hire an experience landscape contractor to complete the job.

When you do a retaining wall by yourself

  1. How do you move the heavy blocks? Most retaining wall material is around 70 pounds per block. Contractors will use specialized equipment to move the blocks precisely into place. The total volume required of the entire project can be overwhelming.
  2. What do you do with all the dirt? Excavating is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project. Do you have a plan for digging out and shoveling in the dirt? Do you have a way to haul it all?
  3. Do you know how to create a solid foundation? Usually a retaining wall project will need around 16,000 pounds of crushed rock. Do you know how to prepare the ground for the wall and start from the bottom up?
  4. Do you have a heavy-duty vehicle? In order to haul the crushed rock, the retaining wall blocks, and the dirt in and out of the yard— do you have access to a vehicle that can handle the weight of it all? It’s usually around 30,000-40,000 pounds total. Also, do you know how to maneuver in and out of your yard without ruining the landscaping and grass?

When a contractor builds your retaining wall

  1. You get dedicated manpower and equipment. No need to add expensive rental costs to your project— all necessary tools are at hand to make cuts and move material like dirt, blocks and crushed rock.
  2. Your timeline is significantly shorter. Building a proper retaining wall is a lot of work. A typical project will take about 150 hours total, and will take Greenbud a few weeks to complete. Do the math: that’s 10 weekends of a homeowner’s time if you try to complete it on your own.
  3. An expert helps you choose the best products. Not many homeowners have the time (or desire) to research and absorb pages of information about retaining wall products. An expert will know the engineering behind the various products, how they are built differently, and have an intrinsic understanding of the build material.
  4. Professional work comes with a warranty. Have you ever attempted something outside of your expertise, only to start over? Avoid that hassle. Not only will a contractor offer a guarantee behind finished work and know the warranty of the product, but it will look amazing once complete. Contractors have access to better products, so the solutions to create retaining walls are simply better. They’ll customize any materials that your specific wall needs, and they’ll get rid of any leftovers.


There’s nothing wrong with attempting DIY projects around the house. But sometimes, the time and effort you put in isn’t worth the struggle when a professional job looks wonderful once done.

Call the experts at Greenbud Landscaping today to collaborate on your retaining wall project this spring before the calendar fills up!